Thursday, 03 January 2008

Well, I read through my blog, hard to believe I have had it now for a year! Even though the entries have been sporadic - it is interesting, or perhaps sad to note that - not much has changed! I am always complaining about work. I am constantly feeling cheated! I need this to stop. New Years Day was as windy as all hell - 2007 has successfully blown away. The highs and lows:

High points:

  • What I am quick to forget - getting this job was a major high - quite an achievement in this city, I have loved the company as an outsider forever. The interviews, the job searching, the feeling of desperation...getting this was a dream come true!!

  • Surprising Mom on her Birthday! The look on her face was priceless, the planning was terribly exciting!

  • The wedding - being a Maid of Honour!

  • Hout Bay with friends till early hours of the morning!

  • The Champagne Festival - I hope to have this as an annual high every year without fail!

  • New Years Eve - the first successful social gathering we were able to pull off as a couple in Cape Town.

  • The making of a couple of unlikely friends in an unfriendly city.

  • Facebook - the discovery and re - acquaintance of some old and dear friends from the good and bad days! (One in particular, who was like a sister to me, until I became a Gothic judgemental bitch and dissed everyone who cared for me!)

  • I finally fell in love with Cape Town. It took a while and I had my moments, but sitting next to the sea eating oysters and drinking Meerlust Chardonnay 05 on a Sunday night before going back to work on Monday is really quite something!!

Low points - (I really don't want to dwell to much on this - I actually managed to Cheer myself up from writing the last couple of sentences)

  • Missing my family. This hasn't got less or more intense but remained a constant which worsens after a trip home, or when the family all gets together and phones me!

  • The terrible home situation. My clothes lying all over the show, no bath, no privacy, it is awful - I never want to live like this again, never ever and I cant wait to get out of there.

  • The exhausting search for a home - I know this should be exciting and definitely not at all a low, but shit I have seen enough crappy homes and met enough irritating estate agents to last me a life time!!!

  • Driving to and from work - I need a new car.

  • The fucked up parking situation! Everyday I have to say a prayer and run as fast as my stilettos will take me to get to my car in this huge multi-story creepy parking garage across the road, the place scares the living crap out of me!

  • The worse thing - the lowest moment of my life, yet alone this year was the miserable farm workers, the toothless old bitch, her disgusting daughter and their master Crulela Da Villiers from the Free day your time will come bitch!!!It is a new year and I am sure one day I might even be able to think of these three women without wanting to rip through their skin, the day will come!! I am sure my anger will dissipate with time.

Then there is my man and our roller coaster journey together - but I think I will save that for tomorrow!!

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