Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Little misfortunes, bad planning!

My poor little car finally broke down! After more than a year of pushing 140 down the highway, enduring the erratic change of weather that Cape Town offers. Swaying in the wind and sliding through the rain. Uncovered and naked in the heat. As difficult as it has been for me to adjust, my little car has taken the toil!! So today I drove to work in my man's huge double cab 4x4! Hysterical really. Little me, wearing stilettos, driving what felt like a truck. Parking was a nightmare - hell stopping was a nightmare. I arrived at work shaking. Now I have to endure the drive home, even longer, more than an hour of clumsy clutch control and fear of not stopping! I really miss my little car!

There are two problems which have already surfaced in regards to my 1st of Feb declaration.
1.The postponement of getting together with old friends for drinks, because of the car crisis. This is now scheduled for next week.
2.Volunteering to work this Saturday and spend another Monday with my man in the winelands.

What to do...maybe I am just making excuses, maybe this is a test.

January has been tough, I am glad it is almost over. The post holiday blues, the arguments at home, the very miserable days I spent at this desk watching the seconds tick by. Late nights, hellish early mornings. The bitter sweetness of having visitors and then having them leave. Looking for a home, feeling great hope then great despair in the space of a couple of hours.

I have also eaten too much crap this month - it is shocking. Cup cakes, sausage rolls, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese...

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