Thursday, 17 January 2008

Another wasted week almost over!

I cant seem to get this blog looking the way I would like it to look. I want a page that you want to read the second the words fill the screen. I think I must have changed my template a thousand times today - procrastinating yet again avoiding doing anything remotely productive!
There was absolutely nothing on TV last night. It was painful and depressing. I suppose I should be glad I at least had electricity!
Asleep by midnight - nothing even remotely exciting happened.
Today I am completely people shy. I don't want to raise my eyes, I don't want to force a smile and I don't want to know anybody or do anything!

I seem to be retracting further and further into myself. It is safe inside my head.

What kind of person books leave, months in advance, waves goodbye with a flurry of well wishes - have a great time, enjoy, relax - only to come to work the next day to finish something. It would make sense I suppose if you do love your job, it just irks me so badly because this particular person is under some kind of fucked up illusion that she can tell me what to do!
I hate that. I was so looking forward to peace today!!

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