Tuesday, 08 January 2008

The big hunt

Alas no homes were found! It is really sad. I had my hopes pinned on one in particular, but my feminine intellect was unable to spot the shabby building and bad plastered walls, the problem with damp. I had convinced myself that the sound of the road wasn't too bad, but standing there yesterday, I know the noise will drive me nuts! I will hear them in my dreams. We are after all outdoors people, come rain or shine...it just wont do!! I am worried our list of "demands" might be a tad bit unrealistic. Especially for our price bracket.

So the search continues...

Tuesday night, good TV, late TV, a bottle of wine!

I am still feeling terribly homesick!

Plus side is that I have put in my leave for March and I am very much looking forward to a couple of days rest, relaxation and taking my parents on a thousand tours!

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