Wednesday, 25 April 2007

So here I am - Paradise on earth - Oh but for the incestuous, intellectually challenged, childlike, rude, petty and all together nauseating characters on the farm. Cruella De ville has been named so accordingly - even though I believe the name is far too stylish - for what is an elderly women behaving with such nastiness, pettiness and and all together ridiculous high opinion of her moral " Christian " self and her henchman: No teeth, a high propensity for violence and the most vulgar language I am ever heard. I cannot count the number of times I have had to swallow down my own bile whenever these two communicate in sickening sweet tones, filled with a desperation to make me feel like the outsider - which thank God is terrifically true and suicide be the best solution if this wasn't the case! and yet they continue, with poor high splutters of the local language and the odd burst of giggles, snorts and high pitched exclamations!!! The widowed Christian dinosaur and the dwarfed illiterate, vulgar - mother of who knows how many kids... A match made in the comedians heaven!

It is one thing to try and adapt to a city, slightly behind the times, but having lived a life like I have, having being surrounded by a certain class of people my whole life - this is proving to be the most difficult challenge I have ever encountered. I cannot seen to be open-minded, understanding or even remotely accepting. I have always believed that you must do whatever the hell you like in life - just don't be shit to people for no fucking reason!!!

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