Wednesday, 07 February 2007

The beauty of not caring, lies and farm life

Today was a great day. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about arriving at work late, I didn’t care that everyone was wound up as tight as a golf ball. I am excited and I am proud of the risk I am willing to take.

Today one of my oldest friends lied to me. Strangely enough I don’t mind the odd lie. People often find themselves trapped in situations where the best outcome is a bit of a 'sincere' lie. Stupid lies just irritate me. Rather over-estimate the person's intellect before engaging on a betrayal. Cover all bases and ensure that your lie is plausible and isn’t researchable. A stupid lie results in very bad feelings, the type of feeling that cannot be easily forgotten or forgiven. Be particularly careful if you intend to lie to a Scorpio (Moi)
I find myself making terrible conclusions about the nature of the liar. Utterly judgmental and stereotypical conclusions about the true nature of the person who lies.

I have also discovered a new pet hate. Fake British accents. Surely if you are a South African living in London, your accent really makes you somewhat unique ( Even though I hear there are more SA people in London than the English) Still you are South African - love it or hate it and swapping your Ja's for your yeahs - does not a Londoner make. Especially when you come home for a visit. It is just simply unnecessary and sounds quite ridiculous in the land of your birth!

Seven days to go before I take a break. I want to tan, swim in the sea and pick up a couple of bottles of wine and some olives from the wine route.
I am choosing farm life over corporate benefits; I am choosing dirt roads and tractors over my laptop, 3G cards and a cell phone allowance. No more video conferencing, no more team building, no more media hyped functions, no more evil vending machines and sour faced PA's.
Hello big skies, sea air, roses and grapevines.

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