Friday, 05 January 2007


Last year was unbelievable.
I cannot believe how much my life has changed.
Therein lies the reason for this blog.

I have kept journals since I was in Primary school. A happy, innocent girl, obsessed with a Rugby player a year older than me, who would make me blush by just glancing in my direction. The days of pink legwarmers, long T-shirts with a pink belt and ‘ski-pants’. Unbelievable, it’s made a come back!!!

High school, the legwarmers were substituted by 14 hole Doc’s and an obsession for Slash, soon followed by cigarettes, multiple piercings and jumping over walls to get into nightclubs. Gone was the shy, happy good girl who everyone loved.
Soon the docs were replaced by thigh-high stiletto boots, (Which is partly to blame for the title of this blog) instead of piercings I opted for teased hair, black eyeshadow, silk gloves and PV dresses. Then developed an insane interest in literature and philosophy: sophistication in the world of old, red carpeted night clubs, mirrors on the ceiling and a family of pseudo friends to talk to in the bathrooms.

Wonderful and exciting days. Between now and then I am not sure what has happened. The stilettos still have a place in my cupboard and I still smile to myself when I see a young girl walking very self consciously in a public place, awkwardly wearing her long black skirt and shapeless black T-shirt.

Well it is the start of a New Year and time to embrace this new life which has been thrust suddenly upon me.

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”
Dr. Timothy Francis Leary (22 October 1920 – 31 May 1996)

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