Wednesday, 24 January 2007

One hell of a week

I woke up at 3am, completely disorientated. It was hot as hell – at 3am in the morning. Not even a breeze.
I don’t know how to cope in this heat. Give me winter rains and dark skies any day!!

It is time to make the big decision.
Do I quit the corporate world; take a drop in salary for the sake of a better quality of life???
I actually doubt the validity of that statement. By being able to comfortably afford various luxuries – also results in an improved quality of life. I hate the drive to work each morning, but couldn’t this possibly be improved by driving a Mercedes. I love my weekends off – this will remain a constant, however with a bit of available capital, surely weekends away at an exclusive spa and indulging in a couple of bottles of Bollinger will bring a smile to my face.
But then I do have to recognize that I never feel as though I am earning enough money. I have climbed, I have received my promotions and I have received many increases and yet I still feel like an underachiever. The big 30’s cloud is hovering, and I cannot decide on a path?

Where can you see yourself in five years time?

This is supposedly the question you ask yourself when contemplating some career / future planning / goal setting / type thing.

You should love what you do

Reach for the Stars

Never stop dreaming

Blah, blah, blah…none of that nonsense helps.

In the face of such uncertainty, I have settled on two possible solutions:

I need answers; I need someone to figure me out. I need to find solutions that have not been influenced by my subconscious manipulations.

1- A Tarot Card Reading OR 2 – Career Psychologist

I have decided on the psychologist, as this means I will get all sorts of IQ tests, and I can find out if I am, as previously surmised, a genius!!

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