Thursday, 25 January 2007

Thinking about home

It wasn’t that long ago. It was Christmas Day, and the thunderstorms were relentless. I loved being back home in Joburg. I loved the cool mornings and the beautifully dramatic thunder and lightning.

I can’t say I am looking forward to going *home today. Outside these doors the wind blows like a nasty, cheap hair dryer. Hot, too hot, this kind of heat can only have the most severe adverse reaction on humankind: Congested roads, gladiator winds and thousands of angry people melting in their car.

Five things I miss the most about Joburg:
1. My beautiful house, garden and ceiling fan!
2. Driving to my folks for home cooked dinner, a couple of whiskies and conversations that bring me back to earth.
3. The coolness of the sunset at a reasonable hour of 6 to 6:30PM.
4. My shabby little Randburg office with all the professional, friendly, Joburg smiles.
5. My local cocktail bar and local Woolies were I would inevitably bump into someone from my dangerous past. (And inevitably remember how cool and thin I once was!)

Five things I am enjoying about Cape Town:
1. Wine Farms, Wine Farms and wine farms.
2. It really is beautiful.
3. The air, especially when I can smell the sea.
4. The tourists are a great source of amusement. The tour guides and their fantastical interpretations of history.
5. People coming to visit me on their holidays. This is great for two reasons: Everybody is happy and super chilled (obviously because they are on holiday) and secondly when they say goodbye, you go home and they get on a plane – How many holidays have we said to each other – wouldn’t it be great to live here.

Coming home tonight, I can’t help thinking I am a bit of a weirdo!

Realizing that tonight was the final of ‘The Apprentice’ I was absolutely justified in going to Woolies and buy an innocent, beautiful, bubbly, little bottle of MCC. It is after all Thursday, another reason to celebrate. (One more miserable day left of fresh hell)

My intentions were honorable and yet somehow I came home with not one little bottle but two (in case I felt regretful after finishing the first one) One 750ml bottle (Because I might as well…for the weekend) a sushi meal for one, a bowl of raspberries, multi-grain crisps and dip, hot cross buns, Pomegranate Juice and the new Eat Out magazine!!!

I really need to get out more…this is really sad!

*It doesn’t feel like home yet. My heart is still in the big city.

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