Monday, 08 January 2007

Back at Work

Last night I wolfed down an entire pizza, with gorgonzola cheese, sundried tomatoes and capers. I feel horribly huge – I am at the point of no return!!!

Starting Monday 15th January – new lifestyle changes will take effect.

1. No more drinking during the week. If the desire to indulge hits me after being stuck in hellish traffic after work then a glass of white wine and soda will have to suffice.
2. Start work at 7am as often as humanly possible.
3. Go to gym at work, during lunch time or late afternoon.
4. Start jogging.
5. No more pizza once a week – this needs to be reserved for a once a month treat.
6. Cook more meals at home.
7. Take many small meals to work.
8. Buy and eat lots of fruit.
9. The rule of 8: Eight hours of sleep and eight glasses of water a day.
10. Replace bread with (yuk, yuk, yuk…) rice-cakes.

Ultimate goal: To loose +- 8kgms

Unrealistically hopeful: 15 February
Hopeful: 1 March
Realistic: 1 April
Necessity by the 1 May!!
Celebrate by buying one of the gorgeous new YDE dresses.

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